Pension Issues On Divorce

Pension issues, particularly defined benefit pension schemes can be a minefield of complexities.  We pride ourselves in helping to provide clarity as to exactly what are the issues which need to be addressed and then providing reports which are written in a clear and concise manner.

We are conscious that the couple divorcing may well have little understanding of pension issues and our reports must put them in a position where they have sufficient knowledge to make important financial decisions.

We have extensive experiene of a wide range of private sector pension schemes and all of the public sector pension schemes, including the Police Pension Scheme and the Armed Forces Pension Scheme.

Advice can include any of the following:

* Analysis of pension arrangements and identifying key issues

* Verification of the calculation of pension benefits and CETV

* Independent valuation of all pensions on a consistent basis

* Valuation of pension assets built up over the marriage

* Assessment of the impact on future incomes on applying a Pension Sharing Order

* Comparison and assessment of risks in applying a Pension Sharing Order where there are a number of options as to which pension scheme to apply a Pension Sharing Order to

* Comparison of benefits and risks in applying a Pension Sharing Order relative to an Attachment Order